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R686 Butterflyhood Mack

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I Came across a 85' R686 Tandem tractor w/ butterfly hood today . im interested in the truck its more of a sodfarm "yarddog" now as the it was once used to haul sod everyday now it shuttles sod from the fields to the yard . (the sod farm is like all on the same road just from one end of road to the other maybe 2 miles round trip )

I Know of the owner as he & my grandad were business aqantinces this is a 1 owner truck has pulled a skate bord hauling sod most of its life here around Memphis ,Tn & the midsouth aera in general

The only reason why it is used as a yarddog now is age is what owner told me . the oldest truck hauling sod on the delivers now is a 98 model (non mack :( )

the specs on the truck is :

300 Mack (4" stright pipe:D)

2 stick 6spd

14.5k f/a

44k r/a on camelback

double frame

2 line Wetkit


a/c (ice cold)

Tall 22.5 rubber on steel Budd wheels

187" wb


Im thinking w/ 325,000 miles on it offeriing him $6500.00 think this in the ballpark or too cheap or a little high?

im thinking its a fair price considering it could use a paint just & new rubber all the way round (tires have plenty tread but starting to look dry rotted )

What yall ideas yall ?

ive always wanted another DM Or R W/ A BUTTERFLY HOOD since my granddad sold the 79 DM Butterfly hood dump back in 97 .



You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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