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B Model Muffler ?

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I am slowly working on two Mack B models both with straight pipes about 4 inches. I want to know whether a muffler would help the tune of the old dog's bark . I have seen some 4 and 5 inch straight through mufflers in the hot rod parts books with about 18 inches length. Has anybody tried this or am I wasting my parts dough?

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I run a 4" Dynomax "race" straight thru type muffler under the cab of my B. It just takes the harsh bark out of it. I run twin 4" stacks and it's bad enough inside the cab as it is. With the windows rolled up you can talk with the passenger, windows down it's pretty tough(though livable).

The larger the stack the more resonance you'll get inside. I used to have one 5" pipe and it was utterly unbearable. The smaller 4" pipe tunes it down.



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