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air compresor interchange

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I am trying to install power steering on my 67 r600 and have come up with a minor obsticle. the air compressor on the motor doesnt have an rear drive, when i pull the rear covor all i see is a bearing. i am wondering if anyone knows what will interchange and if i need an adaptor or not. the motor is an END707 and the number off the original compressor is 303gb561p1.

any help is greatly appreciated

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The rear of the crankshaft should have a slot machined across it and drilled and tapped to hold an adapter. The adapter has a male square that fits in the crankshaft and the other end has female spline drive for the p.s. pump.You will also need a new rear cover to bolt the pump to. Phil Young at Gobal can fix you up with the whole works at a great price.His number is 603-239-7008. Good luck, Steve

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