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Turbo Sensor On Motor E-tech?

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I would suggest looking around the intake manifold or possibly around the discharge pipe from the turbo. I dont think your will see a big jump in power and I dont think this is a healthy way to turn the power up. And not to be rude but I am guessing that English is not your first language. Sometimes its hard for us to understand you.


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"EDIT" look on the drivers side of the engine on the intake runners for a sencer tapped into the casting, or look for a rubber hose that goes to a sencer.

I belive he wants to trick the sencer to make the engine think its working less/harder? ie computer adds more fuel/less fuel etc...

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when the computer control de PSI turbo,if the computer has not sensor for boost turbo?

because ,the cummins truck 5.9, he has a turbo sensor+wastegate sensor... we can cheats with resistor ect... stock boost 32 psi after cheats 48 psi!!!!

i just want cheats my turbo on my truck mack, because i put the big size injector! stock i have 30 psi around (400 E-7 v-mac3),

i don't have no idea where located my turbo sensor on my E tec motor!!

,yes me english is not my first language!

thank !


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