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'nother long overdue project completed...

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Ever since I hit that deer last spring, the front left bumper bracket has been cracked. It hasn't really been a problem...just more of an annoyance, since that side of the bumper would shimmy & shake as the truck sat there running. It didn't rattle or anything, just sat there wiggling. :pat:

Well, I FINALLY (a year later) got around to removing the 5 bolts to pull the bracket off the truck. I drilled a hole in the end of the crack and ground a groove along the crack. I noticed more cracks, so I cut a piece of angle iron to reinforce the square tube part of the bracket. I cut off an old reinforcement made by the previous owner of the truck and cleaned up those welds...which also allowed me to have better access to where I was going to be welding. When I was satisfied that it was all ready to go back together, I started welding. Last thing I did was put their little extra bracket back on and weld that up.

I thought about adding another extra strip or two of flat steel to reinforce the cracked part....but decided against it. If it cracks again, I'll just weld 'er back together again. :tease:

Bumper is held on good & tight now....ready for that stupid deer I've seen every day this week about 10 miles north of the house. Recently found out that those trucks that have the grille guard bolted to the bumper have the grille mounted to the radiator, NOT to the hood.....might try modifying my hood & grille to be like that (since the grille is only held in with 4 bolts & 2 heavy duty zip ties...the rest of the holes on the hood are ripped out). Shouldn't be too hard...fabricate up a bracket that will hold the grille & trim the hood to clear the grille. Then I can weld up a grille guard & bolt it on there. :whistling:

...of course that might take me another year or two to get around to doing that. :blush: I'm just glad the bumper bracket is FINALLY fixed. B)

When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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Bumper is held on good & tight now....ready for that stupid deer I've seen every day this week about 10 miles north of the house.

I have a 7 mag I will loan you to take care of that little problem - Yes, I know it is May, but you can just put the season on at the table.

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