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Fresh E9-500


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I don't know, and maybe it's just me.... But do your motors look like that after a major?? and would ya keep it outside under plastic?? When there is a Butler style bldg. that sits next to it?.... I donno maybe i'm just to anal about that stuff!!

Ernie DS

I never really looked at it in depth Ernie, I was still in a daze and recovering after making attempt to patch another Peterbilt back together so thoughts were as of then unclear.

Any engine I've ever rebuilt myself have always looked very nice as ever single part has been depainted, cleaned, primed with epoxy and painted. They tend to stay looking good that way for quite a spell. An industrial strength garbage bag goes a long way in keeping them clean.

I certainly wouldn't leave a $10,000 engine outside under a tarp myself and I don't think you are anal about that at all. No sense spending money you don't have to and if that engine were rebuilt correct it wouldn't present itself as it does. Of course that is just my opinion(s).


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