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Sprung a leak...

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On my evening romp yesterday, starting smelling deisel pretty strong in the cab...I know that sometimes the manual pump on the injector will puke a little then stop, so I wasnt too concerned and continued tearing up and down the back roads...

Got home and looked, and it was spewing out of the secondary fuel filter (drivers side attached to the firewall, dont know why!)...Anyhow, I check and it was tight, tighened a little more and found the the "fountain" turned with the filter...

Ended up replacing, it was only about 20 hours old, think it either had a pinhole between the gasket and the seam or a leak in the rolled seam on the top...it was a Baldwin, wondering if anyone has encountered this before...

The cool part is that a half full fuel filter makes a GREAT tiki torch! I shoved a shop rag in it and sat it on top of the burn barrel! I should have gotten pics!

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Your is the second Hastings, or Baldwin branded filter that I've heard of comming apart at the crimp seam. Last month on of my filters on a truck was found to be the source of this truck starving out for fuel. I've not had a single problem since.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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