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1931 type 90 aerial ladder

wyatts mack

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A little over 1 year ago my 3 year old son saw a fire truck. We went and looked at it and he ask if he could have it. After doing some research he and I are now the proud owners of a 1931 Mack type 90 aerial hook and ladder with a 65 foot ladder and tiller steering.We have decided to restore it and put it back in parades. The truck is 90 - 95 % complete parts wise and mostly needs painting. I was able to get the 81 year old orignal engine running after sitting for 20+ years.

If any one has any information on where I might be able to obtain some parts for a truck of this vintage please let me know as I am in need of a speedometer and pull type switches.

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I use Brillman for electrical stuff; http://brillman.com/store/ .

You may have luck finding the speedo at a swap meet. Or check out the Hemmings ads for instrument rebuilders.

Are you a SPAAMFAA member? If not please join, it is a great source of info for the antique fire truck collector.

Buy a copy of Harvey Eckart's book "Mack Fire Trucks 1911 - 2005" . It has a couple of pictures of tiller trucks of the era in it.

If you haven't already done so write the Mack Museum with the chassis number. They will send you manuals, and any delivery pictures they have of the rig. A suitable donation is always appreciated.

And please publish some pictures. This is a relatively rare beast that all of us would love to see.

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