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Truck Inspection In Connecticut

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Does anyone know where to get an antique truck inspected in Northwestern Connecticut? Thanks!


A regular saftey inspection can be done at the Waterbury, Winsted or Danbury Office. However you do not need to have the vehicle inspected to register it with antique plates. I have a 1950 International and a '69 Mack and neither one of them were inspected prior to the plates being issued. The inspection requirment was done away with about 8 years ago.

Now if the vehicle is a compsite vehicle (mutiple vehicles combined to make one or a kit car) the vehicle must be inspected either at Waterbury or Whethersfield only. The cost is $85.00. The vehicle can not be driven until it is inspected. This means to flatbed it or trailer it to the inspection site.

If the vehicle is from out of state, a VIN number inspection is required. An official from DMV or any State or Local Police Officer can inspect the VIN. The form is down loadable from the Ct.GOV DMV site.

Also be aware that there are a special set of rules that apply to "Hot Rods" and these are avaible from DMV.

Back to your original question.......Take your paperwork to the DMV office in Winsted.

Good luck.


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According to the Connecticut DMV, Only vehicles with a GVWR of 18,000# or less is not requred to undergo a vehicle inspection. I don't think even a B-20 will fall under that category. Two years ago when I registered my B-42 as an antique. I was required to get temporary commercial plates and get my 26,000# GVW antique dump truck inspected at the Wethersfield DMV. This is the only DMV in CT that does inspections on commercial vehicles (even though its registered Antique, it is still considered a commercial vehicle in the eyes of the CT DMV and is required to undergo a commercial safety inspection.

Everyone else that I have talked to never had to do this. Thats because most DMV clerks that do your paperwork for registration think that all vehicles over 25 years of age do not require an inspection. Just my luck, The supervisor is the one that waited on me. The CT DMV inspector (who also fancies a sidearm like a real cop) that did my inspection confirmed all of this. He said the inspection is exactly the same as it is for your commercial annual inspection the only difference is I can carry NOTHING in the bed, not even a dog. Then he said or just don't get caught.

Dustin, My advice to you is Do Not go to the Danbury office as this is where I went. I have heard that the Bridgeport DMV is easy pickins. Thats where I will go when I get another Mack. Hope this helps, Art :thumb:

Jim, Sorry to butt heads with you but our DMV does suck and I needed to share! :(

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What are the rules about having some place other than whethersfield do it, like a qualified heavy truck repair place - they can give annual inspections, right?

I'll probably do the registration in Winsted.

If you truck is registered Antique, can you tow a trailer? I've seen other guys doing it, but I didn't know if it was legal or not?


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Well, .....just goes to show how screwed up the CT DMV is.

When I built my 1950 International pick up, I went to Whethersfield Office. There I registered by truck as a 1950 International with combination plates. (For you other folks this is a combination of passenger and commercial plates) About two months later I changed the plates to Antique. The truck was not required to be inspected either time.

The truck could be considered as a compsite vehicle. The 1950 L-160 Cab sits on a 1984 Chevy 3/4 ton chassi. The engine is from a 1986 Chevy IROC and is hitched to a TH400 auto. The bed is after market from Canada. The bed in the box is Home Depo 3/4" oak. The running boards were built in my garage.

The truck should have been inspected according to the rules. However, according to the "Hot Rod" rules the truck was stock on the outside and was registered under the original VIN.

When I registered by 1969 Mack R-600 wrecker, I again went to Whethersfield, with just by paperwork. The truck was purchased in New Hampshire and I presented a NH bill of sale. I asked for antique plates and the only problem was......"You can't registered the truck as a wrecker with antique plates. What is it?" I stated that the Mack was a truck. I walked out of DMV with a set of Antique plates in hand. No inspection, even though the truck was from out of state and is registered as a 1969 Mack R-600 Truck. Go figure!

I found it is always best to go directly to the Main Office of DMV when registering anything other than a regular vehicle. The other offices will assume you are trying to pull something and give you a hard time.

Attached is a pic of the International. My Mack is in the Gallery and Garage.



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