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Tires Cheap (wholesale Prices?)

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Seeing how owning a fire engine can be a hobby that is not cheap, is there anyone on the net who sells tires for an 80 CF-600? Think the tires may be 11.00 by 20 or 22.

Thanks for the help.

Barry, if I put this in the wrong thread, please move it and accept my apologies

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Not sure of any wholesale tire outlets for truck tires. you probaly have 11.00-20's on her as our 79 does. Tube types are hard to find especially in that size. I went through friends to get deals on our tires,and only goodyear had decent tires for it. Retreads for the drives might be best bet and cost effective,and most have outstanding warranties,some better than new warranties. We went through our boro using the goodyear government contract,and still spent over a grand on all 6. If you go retreads go with bandag or oliver retreads,they have best warranties. Make sure you get load range G or H for her also

James Spurlock


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Hey FDNY Try these folks ;)

Not a wholesale tire place that i know of but ya might try Tucker tire in Dyersburg ,Tn

They are bout 50 to 60 mile north of where i live & bout 80 miles North of Memphis not sure of the phone number right off top of my head but heres a site & they also sell on EBay ;)

They are some friendly folks up there & have always treated me right when i needed a tire for my trucks esp a hard to find tire for my tractor @ the time ;) i have delt w/ them about 2 or 3 times now in the last couple or 3 years

Ask for Buddy tucker

Tucker tire

hope this helps :)


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