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12 Or 24 Volt B73

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post-1319-1172706810_thumb.jpgpost-1319-1172706810_thumb.jpgHi guys yes another new B model fan I bought this 1965 b73.

when I got it it ran but needed alot of work it was rigged as a winch truck at tulsa mack tulsa ok In the floorboard was a parallel switch which until I found this site I had not a clue what it was.

I rewired the truck like my 85 R mod. It is equiped with a cummins motor the only numbers I could find on the plate was hand stamped 265 ? Is that hp or engine # it does have a turbo and exterior injector lineson the left side of motor. It starts fine.

Was it 12/24 do I need to put the par switch back in? :wacko::wacko:

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If it has an S/P switch, but it isnt hooked up don't worry. The S/P switch took 2 banks of 12 volt batteries and put them in series for 24 volt starting. The whole rest of the trucks wiring is 12 volt so no worries if it was converted to 12 volt start.


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You asking what kind of engine you might have, I believe that you have a 262 cummins, the truck serial number should be b733xxx. Sometimes a mechanic would install a turbo on a 220 cummins, and some extra pump work and make a 262. If the serial number is b73xxxx then it originaly was a 220.The extrior fuel lines make it a 220 or a 262. Some of the older trucks had 200 cummins but your year was 1965 so thats my guess.


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I'm glad to see an ole Mack still running that was sold thru our dealership. If you can provide the complete model and serial number and if you know the original purchaser I can provide the complete details of the truck. I have files of every truck that was sold starting from 1960 to present. Let me know.

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