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  1. hey guys bought a neat cigar ashtray with a gold dog standing in the middle just curious if anyone has any info of when they were made and if they were a dealer item or a gift when you bought a new truck ??
  2. I am looking at a truck that i thought was a dm but the title has u60 as a model the vin is 1m2w133y4ea009419 does any one have any info on such a creature. specs, uses, This one has me stumped I have R,s B's but no U,s Talk to me thanks
  3. Hi guys yes another new B model fan I bought this 1965 b73. when I got it it ran but needed alot of work it was rigged as a winch truck at tulsa mack tulsa ok In the floorboard was a parallel switch which until I found this site I had not a clue what it was. I rewired the truck like my 85 R mod. It is equiped with a cummins motor the only numbers I could find on the plate was hand stamped 265 ? Is that hp or engine # it does have a turbo and exterior injector lineson the left side of motor. It starts fine. Was it 12/24 do I need to put the par switch back in?
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