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Granite AI375A Radiator Replacement


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I remember reading posts on, replacing the stock Mack radiator with an all metal one from ( Detroit ? ) radiator. I also read a post on converting the smaller engines 375, 400, 427 up to a 460 which included larger radiator.

My existing radiator is starting to rot and I was considering installing a larger radiator. I was figuring that during the winter I could make the swap and go with the 460 radiator in an attempt to keep the fan from cycling as much during the summer months.

Has anyone done this conversion or have the name of the Manufacturer that supplies the all metal radiator ?

Thanks Rob

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I went to a metal radiator in my CH a while back and had nothing but hell. Think I replaced it 3 or 4 times because the tanks would start leaking. I am off the highway a lot and all I could figure was all the vibration would bust the seam where the tank is soldered on. Went back to a factory plastic/aluminum radiator and haven't had a problem since. I did see an ad later in truckpaper of a radiator company(can't remember name now) that builds them with the bolt-on tanks. I think one with a gasket instead of solder would work better for me but I don't know if they made one for a CH and seems like they were about 4 times what the cost of a factory one was. Trey

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