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Warning Light On Mack

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I have a 2001 mack truck, and a warning light has come up on the dash that looks similar to this:

( <--> ) however there is a full circle around the arrows and the bracket lines are outside the circle.

i have searched everywhere but cannot find anything that tells me what this symbol/light means..

if anyone could help asap, it would be very much appreciated.


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Not sure if this hold true for 2001 or not, but on earlier CH's you turned the cruise switch on and held the set switch for a few seconds until the SEL flashed once then a number of times according to what the code was. Again, I'm not sure if this is the same for yours but the manual had the common codes listed. Otherwise, contact the nearest dealer I guess. Hope this helps

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That is similar to the check engine light in your pickup or car,it can be for all kinds of stuff.My 96 it would come on once in a while stay on for a while and then go out.I had dealers check the fault codes and it would show nothing.One common thing is a slightly low A-freeze level that will trigger the water level sensor.It does not have to be down much,sometimes all it takes is to warm up a bit ,the a-freeze will expand from the heat.A quick way to check this is to pull ahead up to 4 or 5mph and hit the brake hard,if that all it is the light will go out fr.om the A-freeze sloshing around in the tank.

If you haven't had the truck long get the codes checked to put your mind at ease.If all your gauges are showing normal temp, oil pressure,and there ar no wierd noises coming out of it your chances of doing serious damage are almost non existant.

I ran mine for 10 years and nothing ever happened.


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