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Red Oval On (mack) Ford

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I've got a Ranger too, and I swear if any pickup but the Super Duty deserved the Mack name it's the Ranger.

Thursday I went hiking and twisted my clutch side ankle. I hobbled back to my stick shift Golf Diesel and with careful timing of the lights used the clutch only 4 times in the 30 mile drive back home. So today I dug out my old Ranger with it's automatic for a drive in the country.

Took an unmaintained dirt road back to a beautiful lakeside parking spot by a secluded lake. The rain intensified, with the temps in the high 30s. Coming in, I noticed the water was freezing to the road in the shaded areas, while turning the stretches of road in the sun to mud. By the time I left, the road out included a stretch of glare ice with a formidable upgrade. I put the Ranger into High range 4WD with the automatic in second and the Ranger walked right up that sheet of ice with barely a trace of wheelspin!

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