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The Green Dump Truck

Timothy Maikshilo

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My first truck was my grandfathers 1950 GMC 350 flat bed. The old girl made many trips on the farm hauling hay and silage and sawdust. Many fond memories riding in it and going with Dad to get sand for his boys' sand pile was the best. I took her over when I was 13 and painted her green agian with a brush and changed a couple tires with the help of my big bother and even painted the GMC logo on the rear axle in silver to stand out. I drove that truck to work on all the area farms and would trade time for gas. I loved the foot starter and the five speed with the to speed alxe on the dash. My bother has her now and will restore her someday, Tim

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tim. look down by the distributor(in that area.....been a long time) you'll see the numbers on a boss on the block. you'll see the numbers and then 248 or 270 or 302. that will be the engine cubic inch. we used to put 302's in the muster trucks and they took a lot of beating. j.j.

and remember


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