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its not a 300+ if a 5 speed is behind it. the 300+ was not a maxidyne. it needed more gears to keep it in the "sweet spot".

If its a tip turbine engine with a 5 speed its likely a 285 maxidyne. if it has an air to air intercooler in front o the radiator it may be a 300hp maxidyne?

The 2 valve 285 was a very reliable engine so was the 4 valve 300. very easy to work on and most parts are still availible. knock on wood :unsure:

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That might be true WV but I find myself always explaining to the Dealership parts counter guys what a 2 valve is or what a tip turbine fan does LOL :pat: I hope Mack keeps stocking 2V parts or aftermarket venders continue too because I dont plan to change my 30 year old engine anytime soon.!!!!

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