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Pictures Of Dm895Sx?

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Hi, all! I'm new here, and not a truck guy specifically, but rather a scale modeler. I'm interested in building a tank transporter using the Mack DM895SX tractor. I've got a 1/32 scale R600 kit and know going in that most of it won't be used; lots of scratchbuilding. The Mack Museum provided some great exterior shots and specifications, but I could really use some detail and interior shots of one of these trucks. Anyone here own a DM series truck that they would be willing to photograph? Interior layout, details of the various exterior fittings, and so on. Thanks!


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Hi Greg,

I myself am a truck nut and truck model nut[nut meaning stickler for detail]. I don't know

if your aware but AMT/ertl made a 1/25 scale Mack DM895SX model kit in the 70's and then they

re-released it a few years ago. It is a really nice model kit for good detail. I Recently

finished one myself and it turned out really nice. I got it off ebea. Some one had built it a long

time ago and many pieces were missing includeing the 865 V8 so I had to boro parts frome a newer

one that my brother needed the chassis from. It ended up with a 675 6 cyclinder for an engine

but it still turned out really nice. I also added lots of wireing and hose details. If you want

I can post some pictures of it.

Thanks, Josh :mack1::SMOKIE-LFT:

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Yes, Josh, I am aware of that one. In fact, I expect one to show up in my mailbox any day now. I'll use it first as a mule to measure from, so that I can modify/scratchbuild what I need for my 1/35 scale version. Measure the AMT parts; do the math to convert to 1/33.5 (which is eally what hte Monogram Snap-Tite kit comes out to), and make new parts as needed. Eventually I'll build up The bigger AMT truck and find a good trailer to go with it, like that tri-axle dumper. I'd love to see photos of your model. I'm working in 1/35 because I'm primarily a Sherman tank guy. This project is of a Chilean combination, all of it ex-Israeli: DM895SX tractor (no sleeper, winch platform), 40-ton Netzer-Sereni lowboy (scratchbuilt), and M50/60 Sherman (several Sherman kits, highly modified; my own metal gun barrel).



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