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Hey guys, I am looking at buying a 1961 b61 and was wondering what a fair price would be. The truck has been painted but trust me, it will have to be done again. The engine sounds great, it has some extra engine parts for rebuilding in the future, and some small interior window trim but the in cab liners are gone, the wire harness is TOAST for the most part and the tires are round with some air in them but that is about all I can say about them! It has 2 axle seals leaking and probably going to have to do a rear brake job.

It also has several rust through spots around the window channels on the left and right door, it has some rust through in the floor pan but they seem to be small and all the window guides and tracks will have to be replaced in both doors. I would not be afraid to drive it home which is about a 4 hour trip except for the tires and no lights of any kind. Just curious!

I would also like to know if Mack ever had any of these model or year trucks that offerd Budd wheels instead of the old Dayton. I know alot of places I couldn't get these Daytons changed if I wanted to. Does anyone know what would interchange with these hubs to place Budd wheels on them?

Wiring harness: Does anyone know where I could find a wiring harness for this truck or would I be better off to build my own and if so where could I find the diagrams, how hard is it and where can I find the original looking black braided wire to use.

Rust through around the window channels. Is this normal in these trucks and what is the best way to handle fixing it?

Rust in the floor pan, is there a pan to buy on this truck or does anyone know where I could find some advice on how to fix the floor?

Thanks guys


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G'day 'fan

Best way for a good guess on how much to pay is to see pics. However, if you think you're getting a good deal and really want the B, then we're not going to stop you! Some of the guys on here will be able to give you a good idea but it's up to you in the end.

The ATHS magazine "Wheels of Time" advertises "Top of the Hill" Mack parts or whatever. They do wiring harnesses. Also, check out www.oldmacksrus.com for some diagrams that might be useful.

Sounds like she's been sitting outside for quite awhile. Good on ya for trying to save her. :SMOKIE-RT:

Good luck.



Whatever rubs your buddah.

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B61fan- As far as changing out the old Dayton wheels, I found the best (and cheapest) solution was to use Eagle Flight Simulators over the Daytons. You might want to change out the old split rims- as very few shops will mess with them. The simulators look just like buds but are very easy to clean and will never dull. The wiring harness being toast is a blessing. You dont want it anyway. Start with a "Painless" or an "Enos" breakerbox already pre-wired with the correct sized labeled wires for everything you might add on to the system. Therse are really beautiful simple ways to re-wire and you will get rid of electrical gremblins forever.


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regarding the rust around the window channels. thats the biggest issue for me. wiring and minor body damage is easy fix. My first B model had rust in the channels and when i removed the rubber windshield seal almost half the sheet metal came off with it. Im not a body may and cant affort to fix that kind of rust problems. the floors can be fixed with some simple thought and replacement sheets. ask Larry (Freightrain) as he replaced his floor a wile back and it turned out great.

Mack offered Budd and dayton wheels. My 2nd B model I bought has budds all around. it can be swaped but you would need alot of parts. some people just swap in a complet rear clip diffs,axels,trunion brakes and all. its about the same price and same work involved.

as for price

i picked up my first B for 2K (overpriced)

my 2nd B $500 (bargin)

post some pics for a better idea.


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