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Pictures From This Morning


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I saw a few trucks this morning, nothing really spectacular. I did talk to a couple of transport drivers that were getting ready to leave with some new Freightliners. They had a couple of Cascadias, some business class trucks, and a vocational model or two. I also saw these:

A couple of Waste Management trucks

post-6084-047974400 1287943299_thumb.jpgpost-6084-067348000 1287943334_thumb.jpg

A Peterbilt rig up truck

post-6084-081761300 1287943438_thumb.jpg

A Swift truck that WASN'T involved in some kind of accident (as of the time I took the picture)

post-6084-081138900 1287943580_thumb.jpg

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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My Garbage man works for WM says they are changing its fleet to go green. Sounds like they are going to propane or some other form of low emissions engine. Is mack in the running for this? I know WM is one of macks biggest buyers....

Mack and Woodward converted the E7 (designated as an E7G) to run on compressed natural gas several years ago. I believe the current offering is a Cummins Westport engine running CNG, but I'm not sure of what engine was used as the base. As far as I know the CNG engines are only available in MR and LE chassis, so I would guess that it is intended only for refuse and municiple use.

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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Intresting,that may work out for WM? I know the WM trucks that pick up at the shop is a MR with a commercial "dumpster" rear load compactor. hopefully they make a few models to get more "green" business from them.

If I had to guess, I would say the "green" that Waste Management is most concerned with is the kind that's on the dollar bill. By using CNG they are not only reducing fuel costs, but they are also staying away from the SCR emission equipment. I don't know for sure how the 2010 emission equipment would fare in refuse applications. In the mid 90's a natural gas filling station was opened here. At the time I believe the cost per gallon was somewhere around 69 cents.

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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Interesting. The townships landfill near me reclaims, refines and uses a Methane blend in their Pete 320s.


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