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Can I Make My 15 Speed Split On The Low Side?

RR trucker

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I have a '79 DM 886SX that has a 425CAT ,and a 15 speed Roadranger. I was wondering if I could make it split on the low side somehow? It has 5.88 gears and pulling 40 Ton of coal across the mountain... I wish it slit on the low side to keep the Cat in its power-band!!! I'm looking into swapping to 7.58 gears if I have to... I'm just low on cash and just starting my trucking career! Only hauled 11 loads so far... ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Yes you can shift the 15 speed Fuller progressive. Put your dash switch in D/R (low) then put your trans in 1'st shift from 1'st to 2'nd in low, then flip your dash switch to HI, then shift rour trans. back into 1'st then to 2'nd, then flip your dash switch back into low and shift your trans. into 3'rd then to 4'th an just do this all the way to 5'th HI, then pull your button up from 6'th to 10'th. If you want to do it the E/Z way just shift your trans from 1'st to 5'th in deep reduction flip your dash switch back to HI then shift your trans. back into 4'th then to 5'th

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