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Looking For 4.25 Or 4.63 Gear Sets

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I have a 1965 B Model Mack pumper with a Mack RAS 508 rear and a CR 84 carrier assembly. The current gear set is 5.14 and I would like to get a little more speed, better economy, and let wear on the motor. So I am looking for a 4.25 or 4.63 gear set.

If anyone has a suggestion I would greatly appreciate your input.

Many thanks in advance,


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I converted a B-42 to diesel power and used the original RAS 508 axle. I replaced the original CRS 84 carrier with a CRD 117 (4.64 ratio) out of an R model. I was worried about going from from a single reduction carrier to a double carrier with the single reduction axle. I had no issues at all with installation or operation. The CRD 117 will probably be easier (more plentiful) then the B model and give you more ratio options. Plus parts will be easier. Matt

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