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Finally Picked Up The B-42----ug.

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Well, I was finally able to pick up the Mack. I made it down there yesterday to pick up the truck. It took a little while to get it started. The exhaust pipe in the truck was perforated from rust---so, it had a nice loud exhaust leak and with the leak--a nice reduction in torque. The engine seemed to be running on 4 or 5 cylinders. I was hoping it would clear up. But, it did not run very well. Couldn't keep it idling. The carb definitely needs to be gone through. We made it out on the road. The truck was managing along, then all of a sudden I hit a bump and it wanted to die. Not sure what happened, but I had to pull the choke knob and couldn't take my hand off it. Had to have the knob all the way out. Then it finally died on the side of the highway. I was looking around under the hood and the tube that goes from the firewall to the carb was collapsed, so I took the tube off. Also, I realized that the switch for the fuel tanks was on the floor and that the switch on the dash must be only for the fuel gauge---which didn't work anyway. The speedometer didn't work either. Thinking the carb was run dry I had to prime it with gas. I had no tools with me. There was a rag in the truck that I used to hang down in the gas tank to saturate in some fuel and ring out in the carb. The truck started right up and idled with no choke. I am not really sure what had changed about needing the choke as both tanks had gas in them. Unless that bump caused a fuel pick-up tube to fall off or something. We got back on the road and my girlfriend was following me in my 68 Monterey. Well, the Monterey blew a tire. I had a spare, but it was flat. Had to make a call to AAA. They sent out a tow truck and towed the car back to their shop to put air in the spare. Again, we were back on the road. Made it pretty far. Decided to take a back road. The back road was quite bumpy and I think the rest of the exhaust fell apart. It was really loud and made tons of backfires while coasting downhill. I made it to just one town south of me and ended up behind a cop car. The truck stalled out. Yes, I have a tag on the truck, but I don't have a CDL. Luckily he didn't pay much attention to me. I managed to restart the truck, but it was running really bad. Had to keep playing with the choke again and pedaling the throttle to keep it running. Wouldn't go any faster than 30. As I was coming down the home stretch, I believe it started running out of gas. I kept it going and pulled into the yard at the transmission shop and backed into a space. There I left it. I was happy that trip was over. I had such a headache from all the noise. I felt like I needed to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled again. Oh, plus, the wipers on the truck didn't work and yes, it was raining.

Now, I have nothing against the guy who sold me the truck. He did tell me he hadn't driven the truck in a long time other than just around the yard---and that was a year ago. So, it was my risk to take it over the road. I think the truck will run o-k once it has a tune up. Glad to have it home.


58 B-42

P.S. Man, the seat in that B is nothing to write home about. Unless, you live with a chiropractor.

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I've got some Bostrom torsion seat parts if you want them. Might have enough pieces for one good seat?

Next time thru, they are yours for the taking.

Hey Larry,

That would be great. I should be coming through soon as I am making plans to pick up that Ford C-700 Bucket Truck in Michigan.


'58 B-42

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I got them thru a friend at Timken steel plant. Got about 6 of them and made one good one for a passenger seat in my truck. Still have the remaining pieces/parts. I'll pick thru the stuff and see if there is enough good parts for another whole seat.

Most had broken seat brackets and stuff(just a little abuse from straddle truck drivers LOL), but nice cushions.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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