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Australian "new Breed" Macks

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Looking at the Australian Mack website today I see that the MP10 engine is not offered there. Instead, the only Mack engine offering is the MP8 Export engine (which is turned up quite a bit from the US version). I'm really impressed with the way the Trident, Titan, and Super Liner look. If any of you guys in Australia have any pictures of the drivetrain, engine compartment, or interior please post some pictures. Thanks in advance.

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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Bring the Superliner and Trident over here. Drop the CH. :rolleyes:

james ya dont want them there, the mack product has fallen too pieces in australia since the volvo takeover these newbreed's are just pieces of shit! we had a newbreed titan for less than 12 month's , cummins, dana diff's, marron push button interior, 54 inch bunk, and i tell you a thing or two they are junk lost a heap of money on it when we sold it, had too pay out the finance company but it is the best move i ever made.......give me a mk 2 superliner anyday!thanks volvo for ruining a brand and a legend in austrailia ......european wanker's!


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