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Rogers Trailers

JD 5020

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What do you guys think of Rogers Trailers with walking beam suspensions? I am looking to use it as a hay and tractor hauler. It will not get used very hard, nor will it ever haul 25 tons. Attached is a photo of the type of suspension.

I ran a 35 ton Rogers detach trailer for many years and they were good stout trailers with that suspension. I have noticed several of them at auctions with the box tubing on the suspension rusted through, you might be sure and crawl under there and check that trailer for that. Ours was like that when we bought it (it made it cheap to buy!) and we just plated it well and never had a problem. All the wear stuff in the axles we could just get off the shelf at the parts store. I liked the low bed for hauling big round hay bales, you could really stack them up and not be too tall for the low bridges around here. I wish I had it back - good luck with yours.

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We ran nothing but Rogers for years, still do, but we got away from the walking beam set-ups. The walking beam set-ups like pictures were used by Rogers for years, but they are heavier and harder to get the weight distribution right when using them.

The small tired(15in)set-up like the one pictured are hard on brakes, but we always ran very heavy. Switching to tubeless rubber helped out a lot. tires ran cooler and so did the brakes. Wheel seals were an issue a lot, too. Parts are still easy to come by for the brakes and wheel seals, but the hubs themselves are discontinued I beleieve. We had a large stock of spares because we could not get new ones.

All in all, it was and is a very reliable set-up, just outdated.


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