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If you have inside storage any of the antique car people will most likely be able to take care of you. Hagerty,Condon&Skelly,J C Taylor. Gulfway does not require inside storage and has no milage limits, their main requirement is no comerical use and don't think that would be a consideration with a Fire Truck. LOL

John Evans,

Trucks & Dogs are expensive!!

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So where does everyone get there insurance.  My local guy can't or will not cove my b-85.  I have a good bit invested into it now and would like to get some good insurance, but not taken for a ride.


Condon and Skelly

121 East Kings Highway., Suite 203

Maple Shade NJ 08052

1(800) 257-9496

Excellen people they insure my 69' R-600.

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well the problem is that it is a tractor now that I tow with.  SO that is causing a problem

Alot of people use Gulfway, but they dont provide coverage in all statrs, I live in NM and they wont cover my KW. How ever I had gotten a quote from them for registering the truck in my dads name in Arizona , then got a quote from my ins carrier for comm ins on my exesting policy, it was cheaper than Gulfway! :huh: Doug

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I have my truck insured thru gulfway.

it cost me about $185 per year with unlimitied mileage. However its only coverd for $5000... total cost of what I have in the truck so far. I belive you can pull your own trailer as well as long as it not "for hire"

it seams like everyone gets a completly diffrent quoit so maybee its just luck of the draw???

Trent :MackLogo:

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