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Puff Limiter Advice


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I am installing a 1981 E-6 engine in a 1971 DM600 that formerly had a 673T in it. The puff limiter on the E-6 was broken when I got it and the air lines are bad. Do I need to supply air to the injection pump to get around the puff limiter so that I have full throttle travel in the pump, or do I need to just block off the air line that feeds the injection pump? What are the advantages of finding another puff limiter and having it working? Thanks!

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You dont want any air to the air cylinder to get full rack.This is the one that mounts to the front of the pump. The advance is less smoke on take off and thru that your oil will stay cleaner. The down fall of trying to get it to work is it takes some time to get it shimed to the correct setting to were you have some smoke and still feel good.It it was on my truck it would be working because black smoke is not HP.It is ok for a hot rod but for a work truck i cant handle the black smoke.

glenn akers

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