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Every time I see a Superliner or just about any other Mack from MA it is usually overpriced.

Living up there now, I agree, they do seem to have "held their value" well up here:).

There are two people who deal in used Macks around here: Global Truck Taders, who has an account here, and Aran Trading, whom i dont think does.

GTT seems to churn their stock pretty well, Aran not as much, information i gleaned from watching ads from both of them on truckpaper.com. CH models in New England seem to be more expensive than ones further afield, although they are not as bad as R models, which seem significantly more expensive. Of course, they don't seem to stay advertised for long, so i suppose there must be some pent up demand or something.

Actually, i am surprised that one of them hasn't started bringing trucks in from the south, like LA and MS where there seem to be a lot, and the ads hang around for a long time. I suppose that the market is not there, or someone would be doing it.

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