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I Get To Change A Torque Rod Tomorrow

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Doesn't APPEAR to be all that difficult. Trick will be getting everything lined back up. I had a bushing go bad this week...and I guess ya can't JUST get a bushing, so I had to buy the whole danged torque rod. Anyway, I figure I'll pull the old one out, make sure the new one is adjusted to the exact length of the old one, install the new one, and put the shims back exactly as they are now with the old one. That OUGHT to get me close on the alignment. The new torque rod is going on the rear axle on the driver's side, so I figure I'll measure center point to center point on the passenger side and adjust the drivers side to that distance. The front axle SHOULD still be lined up with the steer...so lining the rear up with the front ought to be OK.

Does that sound about right? Or am I in for a bigger job than I'm anticipating? :blink:

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measure the outside to outside leingth on the old one if its only the bushing bad and the rod hasnt sliped the threads this should get you real close if not dead on. a comealong or chainfall works well to help with getting the bolt holes lined back up thats the way we change them on the trucks we work on. (my 2 cents worth) joe

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