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Trying To Find Out What I Have Here?lol


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post-6356-008455000 1278071916_thumb.jpgpost-6356-083481200 1278071769_thumb.jpgI ran across this old mack truck frame some1 wanted out of there yard,it has 2 tags on it .i'll try to post a pic of them .but if some 1 has any info on this would be cool ,or where a guy could go to see where I could identify this thing,the only thing I can figure is it might of been a old fire truck for the simple reason I live in the northwoods of wis. and there isn't much up here that lasts that long (salt) .and I found alot of red paint on frame and rims,so I figured it was garage kept most of its life,post-6356-053379600 1278071702_thumb.jpgalso I did see a pic on the net of a ladder truck with the 5 spoke wheels and aprox. wheel base,so if any1 could help with identifying this would be greatly appreciated,well here goes trying to load pics thanx
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The basis of it is a Mack "AB" series truck frame. From the looks I'd place it in the mid 20's to early 30's as built. Whether it was a fire apparatus or not I can't tell but as mentioned the Mack museum can.


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I agree with rob, what you most likely have here is an AB chassis, as to what the truck started out as, is as already stated a call/letter to the mack museum will likely help fill in the blanks. Here are some photos of some AB's and older one (circa 1909) and a later model displaying the 5 spoke wheels you mentioned.A truck this old may even still have a photo on record in "as built" or "as delivered" mack was really good at keeping records on damn near everything they built,so i'm sure the museum will be your best bet at an I.D........Mark

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