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I'll second that motion same as Jay's. I'd rather pour the dirty oil out and wipe the unit clean and put new oil back in than have to buy a new filter insert each time it needs one. The way it is now, you buy nothing. Most of us have some clean oil around the shop.

Thats just my 2 cents worth. Money is no object to some people.


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Watts Mack sells the new canister to change it to a dry filter. The oil bath works alot better though , Jay

I agree with you both,Mike and Jay. I would rather stay with oil type filtration system. I've been told when I go to a endt 676 285/300 hp. engine with a tip turbin I won't get enough air flow through an oil bath arrangement. I've heard I could modify an oil bath to accept a dry element without paying $750 for 2 canisters from Watts Mack. Thanks...Marc

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