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Cab Tilt On F Model

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Other than the day I bought it, I can't get the cab to tilt on my F model. The latches are releasing and the lift cylinders are not leaking-pump comes up hard like something is blocked after the latches release. When I originally lifted it-it went about halfway up and then slowly decended on its own. Maybe had the valve in the wrong position? There's a tag in the cab referencing a "hydraulic circuit breaker". I've tried jacking the other way to release those. Took apart pump and cleaned it, even tried another pump. Anyone got any ideas? Mike

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So many times the cylinders are the problem instead of the pump. If you are pushing fluid from under of a piston on the cyl and it leaks pass the piston it will be hard to pump up. Not hard to pump but it will be slow because it is leaking as fast as you pump it. And when you stop pumping it goes down. So to test take the return line and it should be the top line off and then pump and if the fluid id pumping out of the fitting at the top of the cyl then you know it is coming pass the piston rings. So then pull down and repair the cyl. Next thing is how do you get cab up to remove cyl. Simple drive under a sky lift and raise cab up from the rear then remove the cylnders.Be very carefull when under a CAB. use a extra prop to hold cab up

glenn akers

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