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Blower Motor Ceased Operation:

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The guy that gave me my B67 called last evening saying his blower in a 1988 R model quit working. He replaced the blower motor under the dash to no avail so he's wondering if the switch is bad? I don't know if that truck has a variable resistor pack in the air plenum or not so I'll ask here before advising any further. Most cars do not limit the running current or voltage through the dash switch any longer and I don't know if the trucks of that vintage do or not.

I'm T/S over the phone right now but he'll bring the truck to the shop if need be. I don't know for sure what series of truck it is but it's a standard R model with an E6-350 so probably along the lines of an R688.

Does anybody know for sure if there is a resistor pack in the air plenum?



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rob if its got rectangular vents(not round)there is noting in the intack track. its more than likely the switch, the fan speed switch and its one piece, so you have to change the out the complete selector panel(red dot). is the breaker getting hot? if it is the motor seized and buy a new squarell cage too. if i get a year and a half from 1 im doing good!! bobo

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