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Spark Plugs For A B42T With A En401?

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I was wondering what the best plugs are for this engine. I took out Autolite 306 and installed AC Delco R45. I just wanted to make sure this is acceptable or if there is a better plug.


They will work but I've had better luck with the Autolite plugs of the same number in mine. The AC brand tends to be short lived due to fouling because my usage is interrmittent. The AutoLite brand plugs foul too, but last longer. If you use the truck a bit and get it up to temperature for hours on end, either set will last fine.


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I use the AC R45, and drive our B75 464 about 1000 miles per year, mostly local and a few 200 mile trips on the interstate so do get some highway miles. I have not had any foul out yet, so based on that I think the AC R45 is a good plug. I have used them for the last 8 years and have traveled about 8000 miles since getting the 464. The truck had 37000 when we got it back after 48 years of service- and now has about 44,500 after 56 years of service.


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