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Headliner For Cf600

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Does anyone know a place where you can buy a headliner kit for a CF600 cab, or does anyone recommend a shop or company that could build a custom replacement. I am missing one of the two outer wings and the main piece in the middle has seen better days.

What is the material called? It has like a hard vinyl skin and on the backside it looks like pressed waferboard/cardboard.

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Check out quiet ride solutions. http://www.quietride.com/. They made my headliner and insulation kit for my B-61 we restored. They make a kit for B-Models. They also make headliners for custom applications and from what they told me if you have a headliner that you make the pattern for and you let them keep it ie for both of your CF-600 I think they'll cut you a break with pricing? They had to make a custom center section for my truck because of airlines and different marker lights. I simply sent them a cardboard pattern and they matched it to what I wanted. They sent it back and with the exception of some trimming and some re-stitching I did it was fairly straightforward for installation. I spoke a few times with the president Tim Cox and he was very helpful in assisting me with any questions I had. I would use them again. The sound deadening kit I got is outstanding as well. My cab is so much quieter and cooler in the summer than the other B Models Ive been in with the cardboard headliner and no insulation.

Hope this helps,


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