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  1. What time can we arrive in the morning on Saturday? Also I will "volunteer" my siren as well at 11:45 to notify you guys for the group shot :-)
  2. Sign me up! Love to have a Mack CF registry also!!!
  3. I got some adapters I needed, two older Scott air packs, Circle D light, old resucitator(?)and a Mars "888". Overall good show again. I have learned when I see something the first time buy it because you don't get a second chance!
  4. I'll be there. I thought last year was one of the best years ever. A lot of parts and pieces there to choose from! I have a shopping list for my CF however a limited budget this year.
  5. I own a 1970 Mack CF with a two stage Waterous pump. The transfer valve is stuck in "pressure" mode and I can't get it to switch over to "volume". It's manual and I have greased all of the fittings I could find and it won't budge. Any ideas???
  6. A friend of mine recently purchased a type 25 fire truck. It was stored in a barn for almost 20 years and the wife of the now deceased owner sold it to my friend. Well the widow cannot find the title and now we are runnning into a dead end with Penn Dot. Any ideas on how to get a Title transferred without the Title in PA?
  7. Name: Mack CF685F(10)1209 (1970) Date Added: 23 May 2010 - 06:29 AM Owner: tniss Short Description: Delivered 11/10/1970 to the Lower Burrell Fire Company in Westmoreland County,PA. It ran there as Engine 69-1. In 1988 4 Guys refurbed the unit adding a new stainless steel body, new tank. 4 door cab conversion and all new lighting. It was retired on September 11, 2001. THe City of New Lexington (also in Westmoreland County) purchased the unit it where it ran as Engine 56-2. In 2008 they had a local body shop repair some rust and paint the cab. They recieved a FEMA grant to replace it and found out that it could no longer be used for active fire service. I bought the engine on April 26, 2010. View Vehicle
  8. Train horns at hornblasters.com or Grover Stuttertones!
  9. Ah ok. So I take it just loosen that hand crank and the top part comes off? Are the cartridges readily available?
  10. Ok so I am looking for the oil filters on My 1970 Mack CF. My friend just changed his but we can't find them on mine?? Is this Cartridge in place of the filter?
  11. Where was it? I am having a problem when I am in Parades at low RPM's my charging is down in the red on the voltmeter with all of the lights on. I checked the batteries they are all good? Any other ideas?
  12. If you have an antique tag on an old truck in Pennsylvania do you need to have a CDL to drive it?
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