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Truck Tires:

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Alright you guys I'm gonna be serious here for a bit:

I have a relation that works for a truck tire importer; Yes China. Now I'm sure you all know how I feel about China and it's involvement in our economy but hear me out. This relation tells me that a good portion of the tires they import are owned by an american company using the chinese manufacturing base. There is no difference in the quality of these tires from what is marketed under the name of a large tire manufacturer in this country.

From our understanding there is a minimum of 250 tires per container and they can be mixed as to size, and drive and steer. An order of 250+ tires can also be "private branded" meaning they don't say something like "Happy Whale" or something of the like. They would all need to have the same name however. The cost on this is quite expensive but I would be willing to put the money up front for the acquisition if I get enough support with a 25% non refundable deposit to secure the order once final pricing is resolved. I would send a contract to my attorney so everything is right from the get go, and keep all in the loop. I'm not a tire marketer, nor do I want to be. In fact what I'm proposing will gain very little profit for myself.

If there is any interest I'm thinking that these can be had for about $210.00-$225.00 per tire in 11RX22.5 size for what is considered a premuim steer tire. Installation or freight from my shop will not be included. I'm not sure if there is a quantity of each size mandate at this point. I'm needing 90 tires myself for my trucks and would rather have new given a quality product. A container of 11RX22.5, or 10.00RX20 equates to 270 tires. No matter how the container is loaded, or sizes stocked, the minimum is 250 tires.

We can talk more about this in private if you like via email. This is not a shame or facade. I will not reveal anything that has not been posted as of now like parent company, supplier, etc. I don't want to jeopardize what looks to be a good deal for the hobby, but I'm not going out on a limb without preliminary research. Tire pricing fluctuates and I was talking the beginning of this week. Next week could be higher, it could be lower, no real way to tell from my vantage point.



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$210-225 is cheaper than the retreads for the rear. the killer for me would be shipping from your place.

China does make very good products so long as the parent company has strict quality controls in place. places like wally world only want "product" at a cheap price.

11R-22.5 open shoulder lugs ?

465's for the steer

keep me in mind for this.

PS why not make a road trip? the map shows where everybody is.

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