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I have a 1962 B85. Former fire truck. Ran good 10 years ago (parked since).

707 Gas with 5 speed, all Mack drivetrain.

It has been vandalized by kids (all glass broken). And some rot around the bottom of the doors and around the vents. I don’t foresee me doing anything with it for now. So maybe I should sell it. Any ideas what would be a fair price? I don’t think it would take much to get it running again. I could do that as part of the sale.

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i purchased a 1961 b model, last year for 2500.00 which i thought was fair, the guy had me over a barrel, claimed he would crush the truck if i didn't meet his price, gonna be a tough sell with all the glass destroyed, get it running ,pressure wash it, clean up the broken glass, , and throw it on craigslist, where is the truck from ? you might want to contact members of that towns fd, let them know the truck is available, you might find someone with some sentimental attachment to that truck, good luck,

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