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Well hello I'm matt from southern PA. I grew up with old macks when i was a kid and learned to HATE the old, slow, noisy macks that dad and the neighbor had. The neighbor had a bunch of R model dump most with 2 stick six speeds in them and dad had a U model with a 673 and a duplex, and F model with a 711 and a duplex and a pair of b models onw had a triplex and the other has a duplex with a air shift on the compound. now that i am alot older i would love to have all of them back. (we still have the b model with the air shift) I learned on the old macks with the pair of clubs and i concider myself lucky to have been able to learn the 2 stick art since i am only 30 years old and most all of my buddies look at a pair of stick and get lost. I'm just glad i found this board as i learn more and more everyday about these great old trucks

thanx for letting me pe a part of this great group


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Welcome aboard.

Most youth today don't even know how to shift AT ALL

A skill you may never need, but if the opportunity comes up, at least you will have a leg up(like a dog)

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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