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One of our '04 CH613's had it, the other didn't. I prefered the one without it. All the computer in the dash did was give you a bunch of high end functions, various temperatures, digital readouts of things you already had gauges for, etc. It let you be able to change selections on certain programmable items, but nothing big that I can remember. One "advantage" is that it would tell you what code was showing when lightning struck. Other than that, I just looked at it as something very expensive to go wrong. Don't recall anything about system failures if the computer display went bad.

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some trucks have a computer in the dash instead of the cubby hole. what are its functions,does it have anything to do with operations of truck? will everthing operate if there is a problem with it?

Its Called a VIP Its there to give you more information than you need to know!It also is there to cause us guys That work on em greif

by means of giving you to much useless info !Having said that the truck will run fine with out it its better for me if you turn it off! smile.gif

However there is some decent info to be had from it some of the fault codes / fuel milage, boost, oil presure ,and ,water temps.

it has a few good points. :( .

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