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Im a newbie here, just bought a 1960 B61 (it has a later 237 hp in it)and few days ago I was fueling up at a stop when I heard a awesome sound, turned out to be a Mack that pulled next to me. He popped the hood, and it was a V8 ! Can anyone tell me a little history & specs on this engine. It sounded as good as a old Detroit ! :thumb:


Cuba, Mo

1960 Mack B61

1985 Mack R686

1970 IH Loadstar 1600

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The original Mack V8 was the END864,864 CID,introduced in '62 at 255hp,they also made a twin turbo version rated at 325 hp later on.The Maxidyne V8,ENDT865 came out in '70,available in 285 and 325 hp ,Thermodyne version rated at 350 and 375 hp came out a few years later.The last V8's were introduced in '79 as the ENDT1000,400 hp,they were 998 CID,became the E9 in '81,available in 400 and 440 hp ratings,underwent some changes in '85,offered in 400,450 and 500 hp.They ended in the US in the mid '90's,continued for awhile longer in Australia,where they were offered at 610 hp at the end.

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Im thinking emissions were a contributor to Mack dropping it. I know Cummins made a 903 cid diesel and it had valve issues.

Yup, Emission laws were a big issure for Mack. Even in the early 90's they were having trouble meeting them. In reality I believe the E9 could have met 1998 and 2002 and 2004 regulations. They would have had to switche to electronic injection and EGR. However, they would have had to redesign for 2007 and 2010.

Edit: For some reason I replied to a 4 year old topic pat.gif


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