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well i will start off by saying i think i was on here before but a long long time ago.

anyways so my name is travis and i am a 13 year old kid that is a truck freak

i live in winnipeg manitoba canada

my hobbies are building 1/25 plastic model truck kits, helping my dad work on his kenworth ( i know its a kenworth mwaaahaha ) drawing trucks and playing bass guitar

i love macks and my favorite truck is a mack r model

now the reson for this is my dad owned one and the best part was he signed the paper at manitoba mack ( i mean he bought his new mack r model ) the day my mom was going into laubor ( sorry for spelling mistakes ). so it was sort of funny how on my birthday my dad bought the first truck he has owned and it was my favorite too.

anyways so thats my interduction

thanks for looking

travis l

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Hi Travis

That was an awesome story,

Glad to have you here, Welcome to BMT

You know what would be a cool ending to your story?

If you and your Dad did a search for that old Mack using the Vin #

Then when you got older and could afford to do it. Buy it back :rolleyes:

LOL sorry... Thinkin out loud w/key board :blink:


GRANDKIDS :Gods little gift to us for not killing our kids while they were growing up

All I want, is just to be luv'd and for my Check Engine light to go out on my Volvo.

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:WELCOME: Travis to the BMT site. Have you driven the Kenworth around the block without anyone knowing it yet? It's more fun that way. I used to do it with my brothers 1948 Chevrolet. I could barely see thru the steering wheel but, I could shift the gears on the fly. The more difficult part was starting it. You had to turn the switch key on in the middle then, press the starter button on the floor at the same time the accelerator pedal and clutch on the floor. I was pushing with both arms into the seat to brace myself for this task. But I became good at it. I would drive around the block for about a mile or so, come back home and put the old Chevrolet back in the same spot so no one would even know it had been moved. :clap: By the way.....My first truck model I built was a Kenworth. I painted it black with red fenders with red panel inserts on the sleeper and cab doors. I also cut the doors so they would open and close. I put red velvet interior in the cab and sleeper with a bunk. Installed a red light inside the cab and sleeper with the small battery under the bunk. I installed plastic tinted windows that looked good if I say so myself. I won second place with it in a model show at my local Ben Franklin Store. That was the fun days that I once had.

If your dad don't need ya around sometime....I could sure use a son about your age to help me rebuild my old B61 Mack truck project boomarang I call it. Well anyway keep on trucking and building models.

mike :D

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thanks guys

in2trux thats the best part about it is we know where it is :D

my dad sold it to a guy that has a fleet of only r models. hahahaha he fell in love with that truck everytime he saw my dad drive past and when he herd the news that my dad bought a freightliner fld ( worst truck he owned) he was there faster then a cheetah on cocain hahahahahahahahahahahaha

he polishs it every winter and leaves it in the heated shop and when its not raining outside and its hot he takes a load of cattel with it and he takes the no gravell route hahahahaha

he didnt touch one thing on it yet hahahahaha as he loves it how it is

my dad told him if he ever sells it to let him know and he will buy it back



thanks for the welcome

last month we where coming home from a family dinner and my dad had to take the kw home anyways we turn on the road and he starts slowing down and comes to a stop. when he said do you want to drive? my face dropped to the floor ( not realy hahaha) lets say though that i never knew how hard it was to do the clutch my leg slipped when i let it out and it was rocking well going hahaha and the the time i staled it when we where finaly at the end and lets also say the 3406e cat was yelling help me help me he's putting me to tourcher hahahaha

also that kw model you built sounds sick

i like it and its a fun hobby and also keeps me out of troubel

thanks again for the welcome and i will post pics of the mack in the photo gallery soon i found some real good ones

travis l

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