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What Is This 82' Kw900 Worth?


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got a friend trying to sell me his truck...he found a deal he couldnt pass up and bought a newer one...its an 82 KW 900. rear 8 tires are 75% virgins and the front tires are 70%. it has a 425 cat in it with a eaton 15 spd. truck looks good. drives runs and shifts good. he said he would take $8500. we are farmers and will put less than 7500 miles a yr on one...it does have an aluminum frame...what do you think?


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It's hard to go too far wrong with an $8,500.00 KW W-900.

But there are some things to think about -

The intermittant use you will give the truck means that almost every time you need it the batteries will be dead, the fuel will get stale and the tires will probably need airing up. Not to mention rusted up brake shoes frozen to the drums and leaking air lines, oil lines and fuel lines.

Does it make more sense to rent a truck from Ryder, Penske or whoever, rather than licensing, insuring and maintaining a truck like that, only to fail your first DOT roadside check?

If the Cat diesel is a 3406-A, it may be getting a little tired, and parts are becoming hard to get for the older A models.

The aluminum frame and crossmembers are probably OK, if there are no cracks or serious corrosion.

In general, if the truck has had really good maintenance for all of its' life, it probably is OK. If not - the sky is the limit on the repair bills.

I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket on your idea - we own two old W-900A's, both with big, expensive power and both in regular use. They are, however, maintenance hogs and not much more than really expensive toys. Probably not the best business decision a person could make. Great fun nonetheless!

You need to decide whether or not you want a toy that you use once in a while, or whether or not you need a tool. There is a difference.

Just my two cents!

Paul Van Scott

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Sounds like it could be a nice deal, depending on overall condition. How many miles? overhauled? bunk? air ride? corrosion of frame?

Like Paul says, the worst thing is the "sitting around" part. will it be covered or outside?



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