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Does This Sound Like A Key Switch (Ignition)

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about a month ago i turned off the key and the engine kept running i checked my gauges,all went to zero that usually do with key in off position,turned it back on gauges went to where they should,waited 20 seconds or so tried it again, it shut down normally. thought it was just a fluke.last nite i started it,watched gauges oil pressure came up to normal, like normal,after 10 or 15 seconds engine died, imediatly checked gauges,they were as if key was turned off, there was a check engine lite on, dont know why i did this, stupid i guess!! instead of checking the code i turned the key off and restarted the engine, and every thing worked fine.

do you think i should change the ignition switch? or wait and see if it will do this again, and try to get the code.

this truck sat on the dealers lot for 3 years, if that makes a difference? (you can't fix stupid.)

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i have some gm lock cylinder lube from one of their recalls i'll try it. just curios was the truck you tried this on a late model? computer truck? thanks for your help.

No Sir it was not computerized. Even if it is, what can it hurt if you are just spraying it into the switch where the key goes into the cylinder?


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I hoped it would work for you but, who would know for sure? I can tell you that when I had problems with a car or truck I may be working on when I was a younger and at home, my dad would use the simplest methods sometimes and they would work most everytime. It would just get my goat that he would figure things out and I could not.

mike :thumb:

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