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Hello From Fort Smith Nwt


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BAD DOG,I plan on a little work and a little restoring.Ice road truckers was north off Yellowknife,not to far from here,I worked at Diavik diamond mine and got to see them all and i also hunt Caribou on the same winter roads.The diamond mines stopped the filming on thier roads now and the new series is around Tuk/Inuvik.They do add a lot of fake drama to the show ,give it a bit of story i guess

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Yeah I've heard that it's dramatized to make it more interesting to the tv public. I talked to a guy a couple summers ago that had worked up there for a number of years and he told me the same thing. I get a chuckle out of a few of the mechanical problems they have encountered, e.g frozen air lines or valves seeing them pouring methal hydrate in both the red and blue air lines, any time I have seen some one pour anything in the blue service line they only move until they step on the brake once and that's where they stay because the top of the valve is full of methal hydrate. This past season there was a girl driver on the show and the trailer brake shoes were frozen to the drums, she beat the tar out of the dust covers an beat them all to heck. Someone off camera must have pounded on the drums or camshafts to free them for her. Another time she had air pissing out of a valve, so she got another driver to jam a plug in it , and would'nt you know it worked and didn't blow out when she used the brakes, the fact that they would even release after being applied puzzles me. Only on tv. I would'nt mind giving the Ice road thing a try for a season, if I could last that long, just so I could add it to my trucking career scrapbook, but there are lots of guys like me out there. LOL. Question about your superliner, What's in it for power? I also have a superliner I'm in the process of restoring, mines an 89 with an E9. If I ever get it finished I know i'll get the itch to find something for it to do.

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