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E9 450Hp


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Alright, another E9 question probably already covered, but... Looking at a 1986 Superliner with an E9 450 hp engine. 250K original miles. What should I look for before I buy? Mostly the engine, I have a friend thats familiar with trucks I'm going to have look at the rest. He just doesn't know alot about the V8s.

I have heard that around 300K they tend to eat the original cam. I also heard its big bucks to fix. It was an in town lowboy hauler. Had a tag axel. Didn't see what tranny or the hours.

Also what am I going to have to do to juice it up to a 500 or a little more?



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I think the E9 engine is one of the best ever built. With reasonable care most end up living a long time, some even hit the million mile mark with no major problems. Notice I said most. I am not aware of a rash of problems with camshafts. I have one that I recently in frame overhauled, and parts are expensive, and some things are no longer available from Mack. Mine had problems with leaky liners, probably mostly from old age. Otherwise everything else looked pretty good.

They are fairly easy to turn to 500 hp if you don't mind smoke, 500's had a different turbo, but I think everything else is pretty much the same. But I wouln't do it because even the 400 & 450 hp were runners right out of the box, especially if you block the puff limiter. I just don't think it's necessary.

Besides, I don't think they have anything to prove to anybody. When you drive it, just savor the experience, the sound, and the feel. That's what it's all about.


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I just did a cam job on a 88 400 e-9 , being a novice with this engine we managed to remove it without taking the intake and injection pump off.... had the thing reground, and reground the lifters, rocker arms and yokes... had to replace one lifter.. total bill not counting our labor was about $1200.00 gaskets and all. Awesome motor!!

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Well Thanks for the replys. I was a little worried about it, because I have heard the horror stories about them from a few in town. This truck is about to be parted out, so I think I'm gonna have to save it. Cab is good, doors are just starting to rust, hood is bad but comes with a good, double frame is tight, Neway air ride, buds on front spoke rears. She's a beauty! It'll look good at my place! Hopefully...

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