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Speedometer Cable

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I have a 1962 B61 with a 673 Duplex I am haveing a problem geting under the truck due to geting a new hip a few month ago. :pat: So what i like to know is where the spedometer cable goes on the trani i cant see where it goes.

Thank's Rick :thumb:

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Thanks for the help,I looked at the back of the cab and the spedometer is laying there on top of the frame but i can't see wher it goes.I looked in the book and it said there is a spedometer drive on the tail of the trani but there is nothing there.So what i am asking is that i just don't know where the cable on the frame hooks to LOL.

Thanks again Rick

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Ok first things first. The Speedo cable connectin will be on the bearing retainer housing, where the trans shaft comes out with the drive shaft yoke on it. Look for a short male thread that the end of the cable could screw onto, OR a hex plug inthat housing about 1 inch or so hex. If the cable has not ben connected for a long time things may be buried under grease etc. The connection may point up,down or tothe side. AND it may not have one ,remember what I said about the hex plug. Sometimes people did not order speedos or had aux. trans that would have it there, or front wheel driven. If the trans has been changed that may be the answer,no drive. You see the plug that means no driven gear and a good chance the drive gear onthe trans shaft has been replace with a spacer. Even if the connector is there it only sticks up about 3/4 inch and is a 7/8s thread so a gob of mung can hid it.

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John Evans,

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Hi Rick. I have the same setup as you (673 with Duplex) and my speedo connection is on TOP at the rear of the transmission.

I had to take the seats out and the floor panel as well and then it is real easy to see.

Hope this helps. Regards, Rod.

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