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Success on Sat. 07-11-09 Got the old girl running with new batteries,clean fuel in filters. Put the shutoff valve in fuel line like you guys recommended(was not needed) Cranked it over with fuel shutoff pulled(got 30lbs oil pressure just cranking)then pushed it in and she started.Also had fire extinguisher there like recommended. I'm going to buy this old Superliner. Been driving since 1973,drove R models and CH's also other brands,but this Superliner is cool.

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Where's this truck at, i might be interested now, NO jus kidding you, i have pulled stuff out of barns before and got a running just to have someone stab me in the back, i wish you luck with the old girl, i was at a show yesterday that had a few Superliners, some was nice looking :mack1:

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