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  1. I thought about visiting on Tuesday, are you going to be around?

    1. maint1


      I will be here give me a call 804-690-0035, maybe we can get lunch, good Barbecue restaurant here in the Museum, would love to walk thru with you.


    2. BillyT


      Maint,1, kinda cool,the resemblance,between the black general and the red or orange Diamond T. Made a trip once in an 80's General , they had a lot of potential,sadly GM,quit making class 8 trucks.Interesting, that outfit in Hershey Pa is making  Diamond T glider kits.Read their ad on Google.only three guys working the assembly line,everything hand built.


    3. maint1


      I've been following that as well, I hope all goes good for them. I like the Diamond T. Needs head gaskets and an oil cooler as soon as I get time.

  2. I wondered where you were for Macungie. Glad you had a good time!

  3. is just plain Truckin' Nuts!

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