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  1. looks good, i wonder what kind of sterring colomn he is using, i always want a tilt.
  2. Yea the seat is comfortable, if u ride with the stock seat all the way down with no air u gona get a bad back soner or later,with this new seat i could raise it all the way up and its about the same height as the stock seat when it was all the way down but it got air now. My last truck was bought new from kw and the fire extinguisher was already bolted down on the left side of the drivers seat, so i guess that i where there suppost to go, but im not moving mine in the mack
  3. That sucks where is the right place to mount it then.
  4. I drove petes they r cool but no pete out there could do the work my mack does, my last truck was a w900l kw tryaxle dump, i was a good truck it had so much more room in the cab that my mack and alot more softer but when u got to go off road mack is the only way to go .
  5. HI is this cut out for sale. i tried to e-mail you a couple of days ago
  6. When i say i sit low n ride slow i mean it.
  7. That sucks. I know its a kw but its always sad to see someones trucks on its side.
  8. The two boxs system has been around for a while now, and i've seen them on rd's with 18 n 20 fronts, the right side box is moved with hyd from the left box .
  9. On my 96 rd the engine light comes on every time it rains or i wash the truck , anyone else have this problem ?
  10. ///i drive 1 every day and have found by just giveing the clutch a quick tap half way down while spliting down will solve this and you will be able to split down with out a peep/// I will try that but i must say i hate using the cluch i think im getting to lazy.
  11. ////I like the videos you put up. Noticed you had chrome bezels on your gauges. I do to. MY question is.....Are thoe pete style chrome vents and if so do they fit good. I used the pete style gauge bezels and some of them did not fit right. Thanks, Brad/// yes they r pete vents and they fit right on. the bezels on the other hand need to be worked on to fit(grind to fit) ///hey green dump were you working on the union paving job on 33 in neptune? and dumping concrete at manzo's in matawan?/// Yes that was me, i hate the concrete it beats the hell out of the truck ///never shifted gear on a 18, is that tranny similar to a 12 speed?/// First off i think the 12spd is the best trans ever put in a mack drove one for a while and loved it, the 18spd is like the 12 but with high and low
  12. going up the gears i tryed that already and its a little better but the grind is still there, its loud in the movie cause i wanted to show what i was talking about
  13. this is what i mean, this time it scratch a bit more because i wanted to show u guys what i ment because if i let the speed drop a little more the noise is a lot less but still there. http://s129.photobucket.com/albums/p239/ro...rent=scrach.flv
  14. ok lets say that im going up on the gears and im in 6th gear before i go to 7th gear i hit the switch for the over drive and a half gear would jump in, then if i wanted to down shift the over drive i would hit the switch rev the motor a bit and it should go in, (and it does go in ) but it scrachs a bit, i have no problems up shifting, like i said before another guy i know with a 13spd does the same thing , im staring to think this is normal in these trans. Yes this is Pedro form eclc
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